Let’s do this.

Hello there,

I have 2 children with autism, my oldest was 5 when he was diagnosed, though we had  the suspicion that something was not quiet right with his development and we were expecting a diagnosis. It did still feel like a cold water bucket thrown at me, I did not talk about it other than to family.

Eventually that circle of people I would talk to grew very very slowly, a couple of friends, then some people at work, I just needed time to assimilate and also he was so little I didn’t anyone looking at him any different.

Last year in July I started an instagram page, mixedautism please follow if you are on the ‘gram. One reason was to connect with other parents, and autistic adults and I felt so comforted and reassured I’m doing what I can. The other reason was because we had a daughter in 2016 and after she turned 1, she started regressing and then we saw those classic signs of autism in her behavior. So I felt, I live in an autistic home I just need to get knee deep into it and just go with it, learn more, read more, for my children. That’s why I got on instagram which I felt it was an easy platform for me to upload and connect with people.

Today I feel I like to write a bit more, and start a blog. So please join our life journey, if you have a blog too, please link it in the comments, and let’s talk, let’s share, let’s not walk this path alone.



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