School report

We got Logan’s school report this week….. no surprises there…. I don’t know how you all feel about school reports. I, frankly, don’t see the point, other than making me feel as a failure of a parent.

Year 4

Logan has attended three different mainstream schools and every school seems to evaluate Logan the same way his school classmates get evaluated. It is not fair on him. Logan is well behind his classmates, though he has done some improvement coming from school number 1 to school number 2 – BUT  there are not tick boxes that will show his progress: that he stopped running away towards the exit, that he learn to sit through assembly and class, that he was able to grab a pen or that he started learning to read memorizing words, that he started talking and playing with other children and most importantly is that he started to learn how to handle his emotions, recognize them, ask for time out of the classroom when he needed a break. He improved so much, we couldn’t believe it.

But then coming from school number 2 to school number 3 I was hoping they will help him with the next step, which we believe is to move from memorizing words to learn to read with phonetics unfortunately this has not happened. And it breaks my heart that he can’t read.

The only thing  it has been noted on his report is that he made an effort in Music. Logan likes to sing and be seen on stage.  Unfortunately, he dislikes the school and teachers so much, he has not really engaged well and that might have well hinder his learning.

Him not ticking all the boxes, it does get me down a bit, seeing that report. I have not mentioned it to him as I think it will just give him anxiety, because we tried to make it clear that school is his “job”, that he is a student and needs to put work and effort in what he does.  

In September he will change schools again, with the main difference being that he is going from a mainstream school to a special school for autistic children and I have so many hopes that it works out well for him. Hoping he will make friends, that he will improve in academics, he will be learning life skills and will be able to finish primary and secondary school. He is a smart, cheeky boy and I believe he can do so much better with the right support.  

Maybe next year’s school report will be a different story.

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